Meet Forest

Forest is an experienced and lovable Certified Personal Trainer and Public Health professional. Forest began the academic portion of his fitness career at The University of Arizona where he studied Physiology, Go wildcats. Upon graduation he sought and obtained a personal training certification with The American Council on Exercise. Forest eventually continued on to The University of Texas Arlington where he earned a Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology and another Master’s of Science in Health Care Administration. Upon graduating from UT Arlington, Forest moved back to Tucson, Arizona to be with family and friends and start the next chapter of his life. But not before working as a Clinical Coordinator for the Center for Healthy Living and Longevity at UT Arlington. It was here that Forest did much in depth research in the realm of Exercise Physiology where he went on to publish numerous Exercise Physiology related research articles, including his thesis which looked at the effects of exercise on quality of life and longevity in older adults.

Forest has not only been a fitness professional, he’s also excelled in numerous sports, from football and wrestling in high school to wrestling and cheerleading in college. Some of Forest’s fondest memories are tied to sporting events whether it be intramural sports in college or the few marathons following. Forest is passionate about Fitness and he’s passionate about people. Be well and be kind!


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