Boot Camp FAQ’s

What is Elluminate?

Empowerment + Illuminate = Elluminate 

What is a Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a four-week progressive intensity fitness program.

Where are the Elluminate Boot Camp locations?

Boot Camps are held at Road Runner Park in Phoenix as well as Attitude First Martial Arts Studio in Deer Valley.

What if I just want to try it out?

If you just want to try it out, the first session is free, and $15 each session after that.

Is there a lot of yelling at these Boot Camps?

Not so much, our style is more of team work. We won’t try to intimidate or embarrass you. 

What if I’m really out of shape or not physically fit?

At Elluminate Wellness Boot Camps we accept people of all shapes and sizes and all levels of fitness. You won’t be forced to do any more than you are capable of accomplishing safely. No one will leave unchallenged.

Why should I participate?

You’ll be making a large investment in your mental and physical well-being along with a group of other like-minded individuals tired of settling for ‘the norm’. You’ll also be burning 500 – 1000 calories for a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer one-on-one.

How Do I Get Started?

All you have to do is enroll in our next Boot Camp or drop in for a free session! 

Is there a diet program included?

We don’t recommend short term diets, but we do encourage life long healthier eating habits. Your trainer can provide nutritional support and guidance on eating more nutrient dense, balanced meals.

What do I need to bring?

A yoga mat, water, and if outdoors, you might consider dressing in layers if there’s a chance of the weather being chilly outside. This will allow you to remove layers as you warm up throughout the session. Gloves and a towel are also worth considering.

Will I be sore sometimes?

You will likely experience muscle soreness the first 48 – 72 hours following exercise. After that, it will vary. This soreness is a necessary phase in the muscle growth process. One way to look at it is, the more sore you are, the more your muscles are responding. No pain, no gain, right?

How soon will I see results?

Performance results can be seen within the first week. As far as weight and physical looks are concerned, everyone’s different. One person may be going through significant body composition changes (gaining muscle, losing fat), and yet remain the same weight. The more important thing is focusing on staying consistent and feeling better. 

What kinds of people go to boot camp?

These are people of all backgrounds and experiences. Some are looking to jump start their fitness goals while some are fairly athletic. Some are beginners, some are veterans. But most are just regular people like you.

Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds, but if for some reason you can’t attend camp as planned we can offer you credit on future camps. If camp has already begun and you can not continue due to circumstances outside of your control we can offer you a credit on unused sessions from the date that we are notified in writing. 

What is a typical day like at boot camp?

Every day is something a little different, but each day you can expect some light to moderate running, circuit training, and ab work. You will also be no stranger to plyometrics.

What will I do after camp is over?

Most participants return for the next Boot Camp, but you can also try Elluminate one-on-one personal training or small group training.


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