Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos, Wait, What?!

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So, Halloween has passed, which is the universal marker of the impending end of the year. Which is always a recognition of how fast the year has flown by. In all honesty Halloween is really a pre-game to the overwhelming whirlwind holidays called Christmas and New Year’s which always occur WAY too fast, by way of a short semi-mindful speed bump called Thanksgiving. This is ALSO a mental recognition of the universal: holy crap how did I really just go another year, month, quarter NOT fulfilling on my short/long term goals?

Instead of being victim to the fall holiday anxt that involves the always infuriating questions of “How are Christmas ads out this early when Thanksgiving is still weeks away?!” and the “How many things can they add pumpkin spice to?”

Let’s instead punch all these gosh dang frustrating commercialization of human emotions right in the god forsaken face by mindfully taking a step back and saying, no more! I will not eat a tub of pumpkin flavored something or other whilst sobbing in front of Love Actually. I will not judge people spending more money on people they like than I have money in the bank. I will not drink eggnog….unless it has rum. I will not watch Elf on repeat on Christmas Eve…well maybe not that last one.

Anyway, let’s get a jump on these GD holidays. Let’s make a plan to be mindful, to work our fitness plan, and to love all of humanity.

14 day fitness challenge. Get in on this. Respond or email me if you’re game for 14 days, starting Nov 9th!



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