Death By Bacon? Study Finds Eating Meat Is Risky : The Salt : NPR

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Death By Bacon? Study Finds Eating Meat Is Risky : The Salt : NPR.

This headline is super dramatic, and I think stuff like this is the reason so many people feel the need to go vegetarian in order to “be healthy”. But if you read the whole article, it’s the same thing researchers and clinicians have been saying for years and years: eating red meat every day = increased risk for everything you are trying to avoid (high blood pressure, cancer, obesity, stroke, heart disease, etc) aka death by fork. My good friend Shane would sum it up by simply saying, put the fork down. The take home message of this article is: the more processed a meat is (or any food for that matter), the less healthy it becomes, and by replacing one serving of red meat with an alternate source of protein (fish, chicken, turkey, soy) decreases your chances of premature death. Be Well.


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